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Remarketing, Retargeting, Predictive Buying & More

The Internet audience is growing. The sophistication of technology used to reach the audience precisely is getting better too!
The users are spending more time browsing, consuming content, researching, connecting, engaging, comparing prices, shopping or contributing information.
Knowledge is also shared to a great extent.

On the other hand, there are brands and companies that target the audience for Engagement, Leads, Conversions, Registrations, etc. Every one tries to beat their competitors by being innovative and bringing in Never Done Before things to delight the customer.

Here comes the trap (for the innocent customer, its a trap, for the brand or agency, it is a part of their marketing strategy)
Acquire New Customers - get new users to register for my service.
Re-target Existing base - make sure every single individual is reached out again because he/she has been to my website before. try to remind them about my existence and make them interact / buy or register.
Re-market - the…