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How to help Transparency in being more Transparent in Digital?

How to help Transparency in being more Transparent in Digital?

The Digital Geek: We should add media transparency tools, viewability, ad serving, etc and track the success of our campaigns! Our KPIs and Metrics are all over the place. The creative are just adapts from print or outdoor. We should invest in exclusive digital creatives The Boss: How much will it cost for the transparency thingy? The Digital Geek: about 2-3% of our campaign budget, and so in this case, INR 35,000 The Boss: Can’t waste that much son, let’s add this money into our INR 800,000 of cool VR Campaign that will drive PR for a month. The Digital Geek: #FML , #Facepalm (PS: Digital Marketing still works this way in 2017!)
The funny situation or irony is that media agencies are being quick to deny that there is any media transparency problem, but the fact is that there has always been a transparency problem in regards to buying and / or planning media The other issue is that the growth of digital media technology p…
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Over 50% Ads are NEVER seen by humans!

More than half of the digital impressions globally are non-viewable What is Viewability? The industry standard as developed under the leadership of the Media Rating Council (MRC) calls for desktop display ads to be considered viewable if 50% of their pixels are in view for a minimum of one second and for desktop video that standard is 50% for 2 seconds. In addition, the standard stipulates that for larger desktop ad units, 30% of pixels in view for 1 second constitutes a Viewable ad. According to comScore global report on advertising benchmarks, more than half of ads worldwide still don’t have the opportunity to be seen. The desktop display viewability ranges from 39%-50% across all markets. Video viewability is even lesser; this is due to IVT on programmatic video exchanges. If the targeted user leaves the page before it loads completely, he/she will miss the ad. A lot of search and display ads are placed at the bottom of the webpage, so if the user does not scroll all the way down, …

Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2016.. err 2017..

Yes, we keep reading predictions every year in December, and how new trends are taking time to be adopted, and then comes the next December which talks about 5-6 trends carried forward from the previous year. But then, why be so pessimist? Look at how the entire landscape of digital marketing and media has evolved over the past few years and how the important digital is in every brand’s marketing mix.
Some of the Predictions for 2016, and what really happened ·Content marketing is the future & Continues to be the KING·Mobile will be bigger than PC. Yes Mobile grew past PCs in 2016·Rise of Programmatic buying and signs of using it the right way·Adapt to online by creating exclusive ads, not just using TVCs on digital·Virtual reality & Augmented Reality – yes Pok√©mon Go finally made it happen!·Ad Blockers – The Big Bad Word in Advertising·Moment marketing – Moved to an ecosystem outside of twitter·Live Streaming on Mobiles and Apps – still on the rise·Wearable Devices – possibiliti…

Decoding what I want to work in "Digital" means

The digital ecosystem is HUGE.

We keep hearing or reading terms right from social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, display ads, videos, content marketing, search, online reputation management, seo, ppc and online brand building to name a few.

Everyone wants to be in digital, but a lot of newbies don't know or understand what do they want to do.

So here is a quick summary of what getting into digital means.

There are a lot of images, charts and notes on digital marketing ecosystem.
The simplest one being POE - Paid, Owned and Earned.

Paid covers advertising, Owned covers assets built by the brand / person to showcase skills, services, achievements, information, etc. Earned covers what people, critics, customers or any other entity writes or discusses about the brand or person.
Now, to ensure these three work, there are a million tools, technologies, agencies, apps, ad networks, publishing houses, thought leaders and people who work tirelessly trying to put them all togethe…

Beware, Your Smartphone is Listening!

An evening with friends, discussion about the next adventure trip and suddenly an ad from an Adventure Travel Gear pops up. Good Coincidence. Discussing with a neighbour, which leather seat cover to buy for my car. in a couple of hours, I see an ad about Exclusive / Custom made Italian Leather Seat Covers for cars on Facebook. One more coincidence. Next day at work, working on a proposal for marketing on Whatsapp, the opportunities and the challenges in a country where DND is present but not strict, the spam messaging and brands like "Stayzilla" using whatsapp as a platform to share their offer-related ads. Same day, after a gap of 3 months, I see an ad from "Stayzilla". Coincidence? Maybe NOT. So we do a small test at workplace, with 5 devices (on high speed internet), latest OS and loaded with all the important apps. All the participants clear cookies, cache, etc and discuss a few brands that are not consumed /bought / browsed / Searched on Google or used by us. …

Remarketing, Retargeting, Predictive Buying & More

The Internet audience is growing. The sophistication of technology used to reach the audience precisely is getting better too!
The users are spending more time browsing, consuming content, researching, connecting, engaging, comparing prices, shopping or contributing information.
Knowledge is also shared to a great extent.

On the other hand, there are brands and companies that target the audience for Engagement, Leads, Conversions, Registrations, etc. Every one tries to beat their competitors by being innovative and bringing in Never Done Before things to delight the customer.

Here comes the trap (for the innocent customer, its a trap, for the brand or agency, it is a part of their marketing strategy)
Acquire New Customers - get new users to register for my service.
Re-target Existing base - make sure every single individual is reached out again because he/she has been to my website before. try to remind them about my existence and make them interact / buy or register.
Re-market - the…

Is Social Media the new Hero of Media Mix?

Brands are built by efforts of many stakeholders. Stakeholders are primarily the Company owners, Product teams – R&D; Marketing units - brand team, media agencies, creative team, vendors; Service – customer care, feedback, test marketers; Supply chain - wholesalers, distributors, retailers and most importantly the decision makers across the chain. Brands develop their personalities over years of service, delivering exceptional products / services and assuring the same level of quality across time, geographies and even generations.
In the entire mix, the Media Agency has a special importance, significance and role. They not only bring their experience on the table, their analysis & expertise helps reach out to the right audience, at the right time, at the right place, by increasing the efficiency of every dollar spent. In a market that has its dominant spenders, we also see some niche products and services making their mark without spending. They rely on public relations (PR) an…