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Has the Facebook Page replaced The Web Site in India?

Brands are investing more and more on managing, maintaining and beautifying their Facebook Page! The main focus has shifted from The Web Site, which was always the primary destination of the Brand. TwitterLinkedInPinterestYouTube or Blogs do help to increase goodwill of the brand and be present across all the touch-points, but Facebook has emerged as the clear winner at least in the past 2 years. Possible Reasons: More Interactivity, Loyal Fan Base, Information Dissemination, Real-time Feedback and Insights. More Interactivity: Fans can talk to the Brand, ask their queries, respond freely to the posts, complain about the product/service, and live the Brand Experience.Loyal Fan Base: As Facebook says, the Fans are here to "Like" the Brand Page for many reasons, right from getting free samples or waiting for product/service info or connecting with the brand ambassadors or playing interesting contests or supporting the Brand's values.Information Dissemination: Product Lau…